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    we are connected with different nitrile gloves manufacturers all over the world.

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    our factory always keeps it's delivery time as promised

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    we care for any small and big nitrile orders from our customers

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Gloveo Disposable New Generation Hybrid Glove by MARKAP Tekstil ve Danışmanlık A.Ş

Procedure (a sample for your reference)


    The Buyer must submit LOI, NCNDA, POF (Proof of the fund) CIS (customer information sheet)
    LOI: attach company registration and passport copy of signatory with LOI
    POF: Letter of Attestation from the law firm hired by the buyer.
    BCL: Bank Confirmation Letter
    The Name of LOI and POF or BCL must be the same and to MARKAP Tekstil ve DANIŞMANLIK A.Ş.
    Hartalega + Cranberry + Kimberly Clark only accepting BCL


    The Seller will issue the FCO (Full Corporate Offer) to the buyer.
    The Seller will confirm the price and delivery schedule with the buyer.

  • ICPO

    The Buyer will issue ICPO to the seller.
    ICPO must have details of the order such as number of each size, delivery schedule, delivery method.

  • SPA & PI

    The Seller will issue a Proforma invoice and draft of SPA to the Buyer for full execution.

  • L/C

    The Buyer will process to open the LC (LC wording must be agreed with the Seller)
    LC confirmation must be delivered to the Seller's receiving bank by either MT-199 or MT-799 from the
    Buyer's issuing bank.
    LC will be verified and authenticated by the Seller's bank officer to the Buyer's bank officer.
    LC Terms: LC - Irrevocable, Transferable, Confirmed, At sight, Partial shipment allowed, Partially to the third
    party or parties, Revolving

  • SGS

    The Buyer will appoint the third party such as SGS for final inspection of quality and quantity.


    After SGS issues an inspection report to the Buyer, then LC will be negotiated at the sight.


Basically, our work is to bring the buyer to the seller and we get the commission from the seller like some cents. Below you will find some Frequently Asked Questions. if you still have more questions, please contact us by email at 

  1. Are you the Authenticated Distributor For Nitrile Gloves?

    We are not the authenticated distributor, but we connected and have business relationships with many different authenticated distributors all ower the world.

    1. POF and LOI have to clearly state the Company/Organization. Will have to be issued and submitted within a 24-48 hour window. We understand that this is a difficult task on your end in some cases – but getting things right the first time equals quicker order fulfillment.
    2. The POF MUST show available funds for the cost of the product, commission, and quantity. Similar to your contract, POF information is gathered on our end to help attorneys quickly qualify the client before the meeting.
    3. All banks have to be accredited, clearly state the buyer name and available funds. The POF must be current and signed by an authorized party at the bank.
    4. Additionally, the LOI needs to clearly state
    a. Quantity
    b. Product type(s) needed
    c. Your target price
    d. Delivery address, and/or Country
    5. Because we are under our own NCNDA agreements in a mutual partnership, we will not disclose our distribution partner(s) information to you. This prevents circumvention and protects the information of our distribution partner(s). If you choose to work with us, an additional NCNDA will be presented and will need to be signed with your selected distributor as we move further along in the process. This protects everyone and offers clear transparency to you as a buyer’s representative and/or the direct buyer.
    6. All orders can get approved and fulfilled quickly if and all of the guidelines are followed. Our team follows that protocol strongly. As representatives of our distributor network, we value forming lasting relationships with all buyers, and we work under the ideals of fairness and best business practice. We hope to earn your trust and be your selected choice for any.

  2. Shall We Buy From You ?

    no, you will sign the contract with the seller and buy from them. what we do is bring the buyer to the seller.  then we will get some commission like some cents from the seller. 

  3. Is The Business Safe?

    the business is safe for both buyer and seller, payment directly to the factory, or with payment term L/C or ESCROW.  you will never lose any money because of the payment term.

  4. Where Are The Nitrile Gloves Produced?

    the nitrile gloves are produced in Thailand, Vietnam, or Malaysia, with different brands. they are well-known companies in the world. 

  5. Can I Have Commission?

    Yes, you can sign the broker agreement with our sellers. after the order completed,  the seller will pay the commission to your account.

  6. About The Contract of Spirit

    Our team declares that we will not directly contact the buyer ’s customers to ensure basic business ethics and contract spirit. 


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