11 Billion++ Boxes of Cardinale Health Flexale Gloves – OTG USA

200 pieces per box

Price: USD $12.14 pe r box inclusive of commission

Mode of Purchase : Letter of Credit or Escrow

Commission:  10% of selling price

Commission break down

25% for Seller Mandate

20% for Seller Intermediaries

5% for another group eg. charity

25% for Buyer Mandate

20% for Buyer Intermediaries

5% Facilitator


Do note that the availability of the lot is time sensitive and it can’t be held by us without the LOI, LOA , PO followed by A2A.



1) NCNDA to be signed between the intermediaries, mandate. Buyer’s signature and passport ID should be there

2) LOI, LOA & PO to be issued by buyer


4) A2A

5) POF followed by POL . Acceptable POF are BCL or LC or ESCROW or CAGE or Letter from Attorney

6) SPA /ICPO . SPA which will include a performance guarantee clause


Performance bond clause : 2% penalty on either buyer or seller based on whom is not able to perform


7) Escrow / CAGE / MT799

8) Transfer of Ownership


– Verification and Validation of documents will take 2 working days

– A2A may happen between 5 and 7 working days after documents are submitted to seller. It is to be noted that A2A depends lot on volume of transactions happening, availability of attorneys, etc

Buyers need to know that we can make these guarantees

1) The authenticity of the goods

2) The authenticity of the seller

3) Protect the interests of buyers and companies

The buyer will be notified when the above points are confirmed

What buyers need to know

1) Many fake sellers in the U.S. OTG are futures

2) Many sellers’ goods sgs are fake

3) There are a lot of money laundering shippers in the U.S. We do not trade with such shippers to ensure the interests of buyers

4) Many fakes are sold in the market

5) The seller will temporarily start the price and we can suppress the seller in advance

6) The seller will always submit documents with updated dates