Announcement of SKYMED
Announcement of SKYMED

Sawasdee Krab, I am the CEO of SkyMed.
In regards to Sufficiency Economy City Co, Ltd and the production of equipment under the brand :SkyMed: – which signifies the reception of merits from above – the main purpose of which to continue the royal philosophy of improving the quality of life of the Thai people given by His Majesty King Bhumibol the Great, in order to improve the public health during hardship times of the coronavirus pandemic. The novel coronavirus, also known as Covid-19 has created a shortage of medical equipment that severely debilitated the medical community’s efficacy in combating and controlling the pandemic.
Sufficiency Economy City Co, Ltd. has therefore joined, and taken lead of the global initiative, creating alliances worldwide in order to supply the medical community as well as boost the Thai economy by creating PPE such as medical masks, medical gloves, surgical gloves for combating the virus both in Thailand and globally.
Due to Thailand’s low production capacity, Sufficiency Economy City Co, Ltd. has invited investors from all over the world to join the initiative to supply the global demand and prepare for future pandemics. The global alliance has played a great role in the recovery of Thailand’s economy including parts of the agricultural sector, industrial sector, and financial sector, speeding up the recovery much more.
In the duration of less than two months in which SkyMed was created, the company has collaborated with more than 40 factories nationwide and further planned the acquirement of more than 1,000 machines in order to supply the global demand of more than 150 million boxes of gloves per month and create jobs during times of increased unemployment.
In recent news emanating from social networks, the company had acknowledged the illegal actions of several outside parties, including the unlawful repackaging and fraudulent dealings. The company acknowledges all actions and requests all parties to stop immediately and instead join the alliance to produce quality products under the brand SkyMed to supply the constant global demand. For those looking to purchase products under the SkyMed brand, please contact Sufficiency Economy City Co, Ltd. directly and do not believe any intermediary. This is to ensure the delivery of quality products of international production and exporting standards that are up to par for medical use and controlling the spread of COVID-19.
In the end, we would like to thank all of those in support, both in Thailand and internationally. We would like to ask for the trust in the SkyMed brand under the provision of Sufficiency Economy City Co, Ltd. and fight together in the mission that may seem impossible and make it possible, defeating this pandemic together. We will overcome all obstacles side by side.
Thank you Khob Khun Krab.

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