Nitrile Glove Business

Cranberry Evolve 300

UPDATE ON 2020-12-19 Cranberry FOB Malaysia 🇲🇾 READY STOCK !!!! Price: USD 22.50 including commissions 0.65Usd. MOQ is 30M Immediate allocation availability-30M SOP :- NCNDA Buyer issue PO seller issue LC Verbage And PI Buyer Issue Draft LC IMFPA /ICPO / SPA to be signed Buyer View stock Buyer will arrange operative LC. Once approved, […]

• All glove capacities will be sold within 10 days therefore you have to race over time. • Do not waste your valuable time with customers who pursue low prices, prices will never be lower even price are increasing Daily. • My advice to your customers who want to pay directly to the factory; When […]

NCNDA – Non Circumvention Non Disclosure Agreement – a legally-binding agreement, established to prevent a business and/or businesses from being bypassed or circumvented by other parties involved in a deal. It also ensures that the business will receive full compensation for its contribution. SPA – Sales Purchase Agreement – is to be given and provided […]

payment Escrow for 3M N95 Mask

What Is Escrow? Escrow is a financial arrangement in which two parties enlist a “third party” (who is neither the buyer nor the seller) to temporarily hold money, paperwork, or other assets for a transaction on their behalf before the transaction has been finalized. How Does An Escrow Work? Many mortgage lenders hold money in escrow to pay […]

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