Nitrile Glove News

What Is A Nitrile Glove?

What kind of gloves are nitrile gloves? Nitrile glove is a kind of glove produced by processing synthetic material nitrile rubber (NBR), which is derived from the combination of different molecules. In the case of nitrile rubber, chemists combine butadiene and acrylonitrile through a polymerization process. These molecules provide the properties of gloves: Acrylonitrile enhances […]

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Nitrile gloves are increasingly popular. To educate you on the best nitrile gloves, this article uses some common sense. Nitrile gloves without accelerator: If you know about nitrile gloves, you know that these types of disposable gloves have become the new latex gloves in the medical field. First, nitrile gloves offer another option for people […]