Wimax Gloves of Wimax Group Co., Ltd.

Wimax GroupCo., Ltd was established in 2010, with their initial business focused on the retail sale of sporting equipment in specialized stores. As a result of the pandemic crisis in 2020Wimax made a joint venture agreement with Medical GloveCo., Ltd and JDC CorporationCo., Ltd. to utilize their experience in marketing, sales, and export trade to distribute personal Protective Equipmentnamely”Examination Gloves” manufactured in Thailand.

Wimax Gloves

Wimax Gloves of Wimax Group Co., Ltd.

We received below email on 9th.Feb.2020

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am the Managing Partner of a Medical Supplies company in Thailand.
I recently came across your website and noticed you are advertising WiMax Nitrile Gloves.
I thought it would be important to let you know that WiMax Gloves is a scam.
They do have a JV with MG Gloves but that JV is for a new factory that will not be operational until 2022 and WiMax has no allocations until that point.
They have also been flagged on a scammers list in Thailand with Shun Thai (large manufacture).
They sent samples to my customer and only 48 misshapen gloves in a box.
I have emails between my US based customer and MG Medical Gloves that confirms this.
WiMax gloves works from a small townhouse on the outskirts of Bangkok and is not who they portray themselves as.
They will deliver gloves, but they are not the licensed gloves they promote.
Please protect yourself and your clients.
Best Regards.